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When I grew up in India, I always felt close to my hometown community. People in my neighborhood interacted with and looked after each other. Having now called The Hague my home for nearly nine years, I have yet to experience this community closeness and I miss it. I thought of an idea that connects neighbors and simultaneously tackles a challenge the municipality of The Hague faces: waste on the streets. We are working together on a solution that involves an app that helps neighbors to communicate with each other and motivates them to act on their increasing sense of responsibility toward the environment.
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The first edition of The Hague governmental accelerator program, Startup in Residence, was launched last year. The program is inspired by the notion that startups are perfectly positioned to come up with altogether new solutions to recurrent problems. In this edition, a mobile application was developed to create a cleaner city.
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Startup in Residence

Cineac Den Haag for featuring Mycleancity app

wicked urban challenges

Solving wicked urban challenges

On April 18th, the registration for the second edition of the Startup in Residence The Hague will open. As an accelerator partner, World Startup Factory is hosting a cozy Campfire session with Prashant Shukla, the founder of Startup in Residence 2016 participant Savana Solutions.

Savana Solutions Co-Founder of Speed Mentoring

Speed Mentoring -The start of inspiring events

The first ever Speed Mentoring event took place on April 13th in The Hague. Expatstimes organised the event which focused on mentorship and guidance. The participating audience were young professionals, entrepreneurs, and expatriates.
Opening speeches were held by Expatstimes Prashant Shukla and Johann Stan. Our guest mentors were able to introduce themselves and touch upon their professional and personal experiences. Rachel Smets, Ajay Sharma, Mohamed Ittidar and Maurice Zondag were all gracious enough to accept our call to help and offered their time and expertise when it came to mentoring the participants and leading the open floor Q&A sessions.

Meet Prashant Shukla:

Meet Prashant Shukla: the mind behind My clean city app