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Easyforsure helps you to maintain your lifestyle wherever you go.

For frequent travelers, expats (long + short term) as well as locals, we offer a flexible online contract based system. You receive what you pay for without committing to gym memberships, yoga classes, beauty salons and much more. By combining flexibility, technology and services we aim to provide our end-users a full lifestyle management service which they can rely on. This model will not only help end consumers by providing them with flexible choices in different sectors, it can also add an extra revenue stream to suppliers. At EFS we are on a mission to offer (help) our fellow city dwellers simplicity when it comes to managing their often hectic and ever changing lifestyles. EFS is a simplified way of lifestyle management and provides a win-win situation for both vendors and end users.

MyCleanCity App

Contribute to a cleaner city.

The city of The Hague has chosen our OSCI (ORAC Solution by Collective Intelligence) a.k.a MY CITY app as the winner via their start-up in residence program. We were one of the many solution providers who entered the competition and were beyond delighted to be chosen and awarded the program. A pilot scheme is currently taking place in the Laak Kwartier area of The Hague by using our prototype app. Once successful implementation of the pilot scheme has taken place, the program will be rolled out throughout the city of The Hague. The app offers users a simple, yet effective way to manage their household waste more efficiently, as well as making sure the surrounding areas of their neighborhood comply with waste management regulations too. The approach of the app is to make everyone more responsible for their own actions when it comes to littering


We are an international community sharing our own knowledge to assist you on your new journey!

Expatstimes.com was set up by internationals to help internationals and expats alike settle into their new host countries. The first in-country launch was The Netherlands, which has a varied and vibrant expat community. Practical advice and solutions are offered, along with blogs and content on the ever useful, the weird and wonderful aspects of settling into a new country. Services such as the choice of purchasing medical health insurance are also offered to our subscribers.

Expats In The Hague


The Foundation Expats in The Hague is where it all started and has allowed Savana Solutions to blossom and nurture their business development ideas. Expats in The Hague is the premier go-to Facebook group for those settling in The Hague and other parts of The Netherlands. With 30,000 (+ counting) members, Expats in The Hague offers a safe and respectful, non-commercial platform for those seeking answers on their new lives in The Netherlands. Events and other opportunities either organized by the admin of Expats in The Hague, or Expats times are advertised throughout the facebook group.