Customized Web Application

We build solutions to automate your business. CRM, ERP and Customized Web Applications.

Web Application

Customized Web Applications

We provide a fitting tailored made customized web application that suits your business without any unnecessary bloat. Our customized web application is developed using MVC methodology which allows easy future expansion. Web Applications developed by us are also user-friendly and secured. If you have any specific requirements for your business, events, unique business ideas or unsure of how to get started to increase your business productivity, speak to our professionals to get started.

Most of our customized web applications come with easy to use backend system customized by us to manage your business activities. e.g create invoices, calendars, purchase orders and much more.

Our web applications are made with usability in mind. This allows you to finish your task quickly with confidence. Upon job completion, we will also provide a 1-year warranty on any bugs you may face if any. All our codes are developed with pride and popular frameworks e.g Code Igniter which can be managed easily. All source codes are also provided to you upon job completion.

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Point-Of-Sale (pos) SYSTEM

Run your retail over the cloud ! Our POS system allows you to use any devices such as tablets, AIO PCs and pos systems. It can be customized and deployed on the cloud or intranet-only environment. It comes with a comprehensive inventory system with stock control, invoicing, quotation and delivery order for b2b customers.


Each business is different and we understand the importance of retaining and turning potential leads into customers. With a CRM system, you can manage your customers better and have more happy customers.


CRM systems give businesses the ability to personalize and customize relationships with their customers regardless of which employee deals directly with them at any given time. CRM systems maintain a repository of customer profiles, giving employees the ability to treat each client individually. As a result, each employee is better informed about each customer’s specific needs. CRM helps the organization easily and quickly modify its level of service in order to match each customer’s profile. This improved customer service leads to increased customer loyalty and correspondingly decreases customer dissatisfaction. CRM systems also help the company receive feedback from customers regarding products they have purchased.


CRM systems help the organization effective identify potential customers. As it keeps track of current customer profiles, the company can generate new strategies to determine which demographics it should target to obtain a wider customer base. By using CRM information, a business can coordinate marketing and promotional campaigns more efficiently by ensuring that such promotions will not target people who are already customers. CRM also ensures increased customer retention through the implementation of loyalty programs.